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What is Content Blocks Builder (CBB)?

CBB is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create unique layouts or specific features with ease and fun using only core blocks and native Gutenberg features directly on the Block Editor without using a code editor.

With CBB, you can build custom blocks by grouping core blocks into custom layout blocks with native features like typography, colors, spacing, border, etc., and a bunch of custom advanced features to create common layouts such as grid, carousel, accordion, modal, off-canvas, etc. You can also create repeater blocks to display “repeating” content that works similarly to the ACF repeater field.

With CBB, you can build custom variations or custom styles for any block easily. It helps you create different versions of a block, extend its functionalities, and provide a clear and consistent way to use the block. As a result, it improves user experience and saves time by avoiding manually configuring a block each time we use it.

CBB also extends other blocks’ functionalities by adding additional practical features to fit them in complex website design.

The goal behind CBB is to help you build a complex website with WordPress using only core blocks and native Gutenberg features with any block theme, so you don’t need a custom theme, a feature-rich theme, or a block library plugin.

What is the difference between CBB and other builder plugins?

Blocks created by CBB are just container blocks. You can think of them as improved versions of the core design blocks, such as group or columns blocks. Inside these containers, you can use any core blocks, such as heading, paragraph, image, and so on. These core blocks have all their original features and settings.

CBB is bloat-free blocks. After installing it on your site, it only generates five empty layout blocks: Advanced Group, Grid, Carousel, Accordion, and Stack blocks. You can use those pre-built blocks to build your layout, or you can easily create your own Group, Grid, or Carousel blocks. This is perfect for white-label purposes.

We also provide a library of custom blocks, variations, and patterns that we created by CBB itself. They are not on your site until you import them, so there is no bloat issue at all. With a few clicks, you can have some useful custom blocks. You can customize them to fit your needs or use them as learning resources.

When should you use it?

When you need to create unique layouts or features that are not available with core blocks, such as carousel, accordion, modal, off-canvas layouts, etc.

When you need to create variations, or styles for other blocks such as buttons, images, text, etc. Custom variations and styles provide a clear and consistent way to use blocks. It helps improve user experience and save time, especially for non-technical users.

You also can use CBB to create a responsive grid, or carousel layout for the Query Loop block. It works with all posts, pages, or any custom content type.

Who needs this plugin?

This plugin is for anyone who wants to build websites using WordPress, whether they are a first-time beginner, a professional developer, or a designer.

Which themes does this plugin support?

It is compatible with all Gutenberg-ready themes, but our recommended themes are default block-based themes such as Twenty Twenty ThreeTwenty Twenty Two, or Astra theme. If you find it doesn’t work with your theme, please let us know. We’ll work on it.

Is this plugin free?

This plugin has two versions. The free version is available in the WordPress plugin directory, and it has all the features you need to build your website. The PRO version is for professionals who want some premium features to help them build their websites faster, easier, and with some advanced functionality. You can learn more about it on the PRO page.

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Ready to get started?

Content Blocks Builder (CBB) has all the essential features for you to build a complex WordPress website. CBB PRO offers advanced features that can take your WordPress site to the next level. You could start with free version or purchase the Pro to unlock all the full power of CBB.