Build your website without limitations using premium features.

custom JS/CSS editor

This feature adds a syntax-highlighted JS/CSS Editor in the block setting, where you can add custom JS/CSS to your blocks to manipulate and style them the way you want.

Copy/Paste styles

This feature allows you to copy/paste styles from one block to another across domains. It saves you a lot of time when developing.

Multiple Edit Style

This feature allows you to use style builder features to build style on multiple blocks simultaneously.

Pro Features for Carousel Block

With pro features, you can customize almost everything in carousel layouts such as responsive items, custom style for navigation, pagination, scrollbar, entrance animation effects, etc.

Pro Features for Toggle Content

With pro features, you can add custom logic such as delay time before it appears, and saving closed state to modal or off-canvas layouts. You also can add a custom effect when it opens.

Pro Features for Sticky Content

With pro features, you can build sticky content that only sticks to the top when scrolling up. It’s very helpful for some layouts like a sticky header.

Background Animations 

This feature adds parallax effect or infinite scrolling to the background image. It helps create a stand-out hero section.

Reveal animation effects

This feature adds animated effects to blocks when they scroll into view. It works with other layouts like carousels or modal, off-canvas.

Auto-generate Order Style

This feature adds the ability to easily create a custom numeric order list style.