Create your WordPress site easier and faster directly in the Block Editor

Content Blocks Builder adheres to Gutenberg, enhancing it with practical and functional features. It is fast, clean, flexible, bloat-free, and code-free.

Watch the 12-minute video tutorial below to see how CBB can help you in creating blocks

What CBB can do for you?

Without the need for a code editor, and with minimal effort, here’s what you can accomplish with CBB directly in the Block Editor:

Create custom blocks

The main idea of CBB is to enable you to create custom container blocks from other blocks. These container blocks are similar to the core group block but offer additional benefits:

  • They come packed with practical features such as responsive spacing, background effects, modal, off-canvas, toggle content, and more.
  • They are content blocks that have predefined content, format and style similar to patterns.
  • The layout and style can be synchronized across multiple locations, while allowing for different content in each instance.
  • They are also fast, clean, and have all core features from Gutenberg just like core blocks.
  • They can be read-only, transformable, hidden from the inserter or from front end.
  • You can customize the style, add interactivity to them with external JS/CSS or custom JS/CSS in the block setting.

Create repeater blocks

One of the best free features of CBB is the ability to create repeater blocks to display repeating content. These blocks work similarly to the repeater field in meta-field frameworks, but they are much easier to use. It supports four layouts: Grid, Carousel, Accordion, and Vertical Stack.

You can add as many sub-blocks as you want, or you can use a setting to generate a fixed number of sub-blocks.

Create block variations and styles

You can create a variation or a style for any block with just one click from the block toolbar. You can adjust the icon, title, description, and more, as well as input custom CSS directly into the variation settings. There’s no need to set up a source code just for a small CSS snippet for your unique block style.

Customize the Query Loop block

CBB adds practical features to the Query Loop, making it fit for real-world projects:

  • Adds the carousel and responisve grid layout
  • Allows filtering by post IDs, by meta fields, and by parent
  • Allows multiple sorting, and allows sorting by random, or by menu_order

Create block patterns

Similar to creating blocks and variations, you can create patterns like writing a blog post.

Why CBB is a great fit for your projects?

CBB fills in the gaps of Gutenberg, enabling WordPress creators to build practical, real-world websites easily.

Maintain the primary user experience of Gutenberg.

CBB utilizes core blocks and features of Gutenberg, making it easy to use, fast, and ensuring you always get the best out of Gutenberg. Creating blocks, variations, and styles with CBB is similar to creating blog posts.

It can do almost anything, and it’s bloat-free.

CBB is clean and provides only five empty containers blocks for you to use or to create other blocks from. There is an external library of blocks, variations, and patterns available. However, only the items you import will be included on your site.

Create complex blocks without React knowledge

Creating custom blocks, variations, or styles with React may not be easy for everyone, and maintaining their source code can be challenging. CBB handles these complex tasks behind the scenes for you, allowing you to focus on design.

It’s easier to maintain and reuse your works

All blocks, variations, and styles are stored in the database. You edit them directly in the website. You can export or import them from one site to another with just one click.

Works with all Gutenberg-ready themes and third-party blocks.

It works with your favourite Gutenberg-ready theme and your favourite blocks. You can even customize them by attaching custom CSS or JS code.

Stelar customer support

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. Your success equates to our success. Furthermore, email support is integrated directly into the plugin itself.

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Ready to get started?

Content Blocks Builder (CBB) has all the essential features for you to build a complex WordPress website. CBB PRO offers advanced features that can take your WordPress site to the next level. You could start with free version or purchase the Pro to unlock all the full power of CBB.